Buying insurance for a vehicle requires an in-depth amount of research and familiarity with the different types of coverage available to you. RVs in particular are special vehicles that cannot be covered by any general auto policy. More expanded coverage is needed for an RV as it is rather large, capable of seating more people, and bought under different terms than most automobiles. Let’s dive a bit deeper into what you need to know about buying RV insurance.

RV-specific insurance provides a number of benefits. One key benefit is expanded personal property coverage.

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One generally has a lot more personal items in an RV compared to a car. The breadth of items this coverage can protect is greater than regular car insurance, as an RV can store appliances, bikes, electronics, and other sizeable items.

Another RV insurance benefit is the permanent attachments coverage. The add-ons attached to your televisions or other technological items in the vehicle are then considered part of the RV. Examples of these add-ons are satellite dishes and solar panels, which would find themselves insured under permanent attachments coverage.

For more information and tips on buying RV insurance, click the video we have linked above.