The insightful video “Nitrous: How It Works” as presented by Science Garage delivers the low down on the power-up that comes from nitrous gas. The host explains how forced induction allows the boosting of horsepower with nitrous systems. It wasn’t until WWII that scientists discovered how nitrous oxide allowed planes to operate at higher altitudes.

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Designing a Nitrous Oxide System gave the world the NOS that allows the introduction of nitrous without the dangerous preignition effect. By shooting the nitrous oxide into the engine cylinder, the release of extra oxygen both eliminates pinging and boosts horsepower.

Systems can use either wet or dry injection to achieve the energy boost and can be set for drivers to use just when they need the power kick. The downside of the use of NOS is that it stresses engines beyond what would be normal use and also adds a great deal of cost for more than short bursts. When used properly, nitrous systems can give a vehicle a quick kick that will add to the chance of winning against another racer. This is the concept used by racers in the extremely popular Fast and Furious movie franchise. For more information, be sure to watch the video linked in this article.