It’s common for people to panic after an auto collision. Unfortunately, this often leads them to make mistakes that cause problems for them down the line. This video from LawFull goes over frequent mistakes people make after car accidents and explains how to avoid these missteps.

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Make sure you contact the police after the accident, even if it’s not serious. A police report is a valuable piece of evidence that can strengthen your auto accident claim. Some locations even require you to report your accident to the property authorities. Call the police immediately and remain at the accident scene until law enforcement arrives.

While you should exchange contact information with other drivers involved in the accident, you shouldn’t say anything beyond that. Remember that any statements you make could come up with the other driver filing a claim with their insurer. Never apologize for the accident, and don’t say anything implying you were at fault.

If you can keep a cool head during an accident, you can keep yourself from making costly mistakes. Accidents can leave you with repair bills and medical expenses. Mistakes at the accident scene could hurt a future claim, so you should make sure you take the right steps.