Maintaining a golf cart can be hard work, but it’s worth it for your favorite hobby, right? By adding some simple golf cart upgrades to your vehicle, you can enhance your experience! Here are five upgrades that you can buy:

1. A Light Kit

A light kit can come in handy for night driving. These are great for enhanced visibility and can upgrade your cart to being street-legal.

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2. Windshield

You can get clear and tinted versions of these, and they are foldable. They can also be installed very easily.

3. Rear Seat

You can add extra passengers by using a rear seat. You can also transport groceries with these or use them for beach days to transport your items.

4. Lift Kit

These are essential for your golf cart. They come in a range of styles and you can choose one based on your needs for your golf cart.

Customize your golf cart today by choosing one or all of these ways to upgrade your golf cart. You can enhance its functionality and aesthetics by adding these simple items! Visit your local supplies store today and see what they have to offer!